You can work out which size you are.

Measurements are required in inches please.

  1. Round the widest part on the foot over the metatarsal–phalangeal joints. (toe-foot joint)
  2. The ankle (smallest part) above both of the malleolus’s- not on top of them.
  3. From the medial (inside) malleolus to the medial crease of the knee.
    The malleolus is the protruding bone on either side of the ankle.
  4. From the outside malleolus to the outside crease of the knee.
  5. The fattest part of the calf.( if you can also measure the distance this part is from each malleolus that will also help me.)
  6. Please also give me your shoe size and dress size.(I have general ex small/ small / med / large and extra large sizes … that fit most artists )
  7. Your height.

The sizes are in 2 measurements the words Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large refer to the width of the calf and ankle size. The number in inches” refers to the height of the boot from the ankle bones.

Small.  Ankle from 7.5″ – 9.5″
Calf ” to “
The small 8-inch will fit most children, I have only had 1 child who requires an extra small, who had very slim calves.  I have sold hundreds of size small to adults of all sizes, as they have a big tongue and will just have a wider lacing gap, although it’s small, it’s kind of one size, only people with size large calves can’t fit into them.

Medium. Ankle from 8″ – 10″
Calf ” to “
Calves on the bigger side.

Ankle 8″-11″
Calf ” to ”  – For anyone with chunky big muscle calves and very large feet – this is the size for you

As a guide, I’m a dress size 12 ( I was a 10 before circus took over my life 😉 and I actually fit extra small, small and Med…   I have my extra small pair, they are electric sparkly blue with a major lacing gap, which I think looks cool! but the large is just too big and therefore when laced up tight…  they can go a bit loose on me – so really my main size is a medium – Soooo I can get away with wearing 3 sizes, because of the lacing (and elastic on the foot) makes them fit.  Im quite tallish 5.8 so I can wear 12inch long boots, but I love my ankle boots (8inch) and midway calf boots (10inch).

Measure from your malleolus to the crease on both sides on both legs, remember you don’t want the boots coming up too far into the back of your knee as it irritates when in hox. (thou I’ve sold a few pairs to girls who tried them on, and I thought they were too tall up behind the knee, but they insisted it felt ok and wanted them, maybe I’m just picky with my circus costumes, its personal preference)  I offer standard sizes 8 – 10 – 11 -12 inch but I can make any length you want.